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my brother left for university today

great, I am now the most sane person left in the house

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Claws of the Dragon / Senja, Norway by: Andrew
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Jaakko “Jaska” Mäkinen (also called Jake, Daddy…)
Role in band: Guitars and all the unnecessary trivia you ever wanted to know
Birthday: March 13th
Twitter: @JaskaMakinen
Instagram: @jaskamakinen

asked to describe each other in 2 words, the band said of Jaska:

Jari – “The first thing that came to mind was teddy bear… Dunno why, but that’s the truth! And friendly! I think Jaakko is just as heartfelt a person as can be. That trait is just awesome. A really warm person. And an extremely talented musician. If I was touted as a professional, I would definitely say the same about Jaakko.”

Olli – “If I may add, again… these little add-ons… Jaska’s amount of knowledge is amazing, anything from philosophy to tech…”

Jari – “Any tech!”

Olli – “Yes exactly, any tech. He always has the information, so I always ask him about many different things. For example, Jaska’s approach to guitar tech is much more meticulous than mine. I’m usually more like ‘I want more of this red tone’. We are quite different as guitar players and musicians. A perfect combination! Or at least it’s easy for me. It has to do with many things, your analytical grasp on things, and the way you convey good feelings on the tour bus and on stage. It’s always, like… ‘Yes!’”

Jaska – “Glad to hear that! And the same to you.”

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Twilight Theater
Released: March 17th, 2010

track list:

1.  Dreaming Wide Awake
2.  War
3.  Change
4.  15 Min Flame
5.  Given and Denied
6.  Rewind
7.  Dying to Live
8.  You’re Still Here
9.  Smoke and Mirrors
10.  Heal My Wounds

*bolded songs are official music videos, additionally linked ones are my personal recommendations

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/watches Bellagio fountain videos at 4 AM

NHL u got me feelin’ some kind of way

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one time my parents had an argument because my dad bought a bald cap for $2.70 but he was already bald

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I have no idea if tuukka and kimi even know each other, but I like imagining them phoning each other for parenting advice

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